Welcome to the Spring Student Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry!
The Spring Showcase is an annual research event featuring posters and presentations from each college. For more information, visit the Office of Student Research website. Questions? email digitalcommons@longwood.edu


Submissions from 2021


Activating the Innate Immune Response by Utilizing Macrophages as a Defense for Immunosuppressed Individuals and COVID-19, Ashley Coddington, Christina Amoruso, and Emma Rogers


Bernhard Heiden's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Tyler Cosley

Unified in Misery, Hope on the Horizon, Mary Costello, Victoria Noe, Jessalynne Hull, and Riley Hayden


Microplastics in Urban Stormwater Ponds, MaryElizabeth Crabbs and James Giering


Policy Analysis of the Effectiveness of De-escalation Training, Kennedy Culbreath


Conspiracy Theories & The Mind: Personality of Conspiratorial Beliefs, Tabatha Davis, Kayla Pittman, and Lena Jordan

4 Your Eyez Only, Deamoni Denson

The Speech that Justified the American Involvement in World War II, Madison Dierdorf


Evidence Based Research Project: Racial Disparities in Healthcare, Annie Elliott, Bridget Canderelli, Miranda Mozingo, and Elizabeth Powers


A Policy Analysis of the Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Training, Hannah Elmore

The Change in Perception of Captial Punishment Over Time, Hannah Elmore

A Rhetorical Appeals Analysis of 'Come From Away': An Original Broadway Musical based on the True Stories of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Caroline Faulkner

'Wait! We're fighting over Ramona?': An Examination of the Hegemonic, Toxic, and Heroic Masculinity as Shown in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and How the Film's Portrayal of Such Promotes the Idea of Women as a Commodity for Man, Karis Fields


Encouraging public outreach and education to drive COVID-19 vaccination in Farmville, Grace Freeman, Marcia Lanasa, and Mitchell Sharry

A Project to Promote Happiness: Rhetorical Analysis of the Happiness Project's "Happy New You", Kate Frey

How the Historical Fiction, Unbelievable, conveys the Differences between how Males and Females handle Gender Violence, Cassidy Ghiold

The Importance and Impact of Emotions: From Being Vulnerable to Being in Rage, Grace Girdley, Shae Carter, and Rachel Dalton


"Blessed be the Fruit"- Female Representation in The Handmaids Tale Season 1, Joanna Glenn


Water Quality Assessment of Farmville, VA, Meghan Hall

Rape as a Weapon of War, Ashley Hamm, Anna Simmons, Maelyn Garrison, and Grace Canna

The Effects of Human Trafficking, Emma Hasley and Samantha Sheppard

Mitigating risk of interspecies transmission of COVID-19 in Farmville, Virginia, Kathryn Hedrick, Adonel Grubb, and Giselle Diehl

Alternative Lawns, M Heimburg

How Historical Films Project Contemporary Thinking Onto The Past, Jay Holmes


Coping with Chronic Kidney Disease- Choose Your Own Adventure, Jessica Honeycutt Firme