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Spring 4-14-2021


During rain events, stormwater collects sediments and other pollutants during runoff and transports them to receiving water bodies. Detention ponds can reduce pollutant concentrations in stormwater by allowing particulate matter to settle out of the water column. The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Longwood University's Lancer Park stormwater detention pond in reducing sediment concentrations. This was accomplished by quantifying the difference between sediment concentrations of stormwater entering and leaving the pond. Inflow and outflow samples were collected from the pond for 3 separate rain events and the samples were filtered, dried, and weighed. The change in the sediment concentrations were used to determine the reduction in sediment provided by the detention pond. It is expected that the detention pond will significantly reduce the amount of sediment transported from the Lancer Park complex to the receiving stream (Buffalo Creek).


ENSC 201

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