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Spring 4-14-2021


The experiment was based on taking E. coli and transforming those cells using pGLO plasmid. It was questioned whether colonies will grow after genetic modification using GFP and if so, will the colonies present a fluorescent green glow. With the consideration of GFP and pGLO being normally associated with each other, it was hypothesized that the colonies will present a fluorescent green glow after using biotechnology processes. This experimental process undergone various steps to successfully verify the presence of GFP and then transform the E. coli. PCR amplicon via gel electrophoresis, purification of amplicon sequence, and transformation using agar plates were used to collect the results data. There were four agar plates that were used to collect the data and those four plates contained different contents in regards of pGLO and no pGLO. The data that was collected supported the hypothesis with colonies present on agar plates that contained pGLO which also presented the fluorescent green glow. The results were compared to the hypothesized results of the pGLO agar plates that were generated in the beginning of the transformation process of the E. coli cells. This allowed for a broader understanding compared to the agar plates that did not present any growth and those agar plates that only have growth but no fluorescent green glow.


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