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Spring 4-14-2021


The past several decades have seen the proliferation of urban areas around the world (Uitto, 1999). Land-cover change, correlated with different forms of land use, is documented to have significant impact on earth's hydrologic systems (Aichele, 2005). Significant studies point to urbanization as being a key source of pollutants in earth's watersheds and natural hydrologic landscapes(Li et al. 2016; Aichele 2005). This study aims to measure the effect of urbanization on the water quality of Gross Creek. Concentrations of E.coli, phosphorus, nitrogen, and suspended sediments were measured from four sampling sites along Gross Creek in Farmville, Virginia. This process was repeated before and after three major rain events. It is predicted that due to stormwater runoff from rain events, there will be higher concentrations of E.coli, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment present in Gross Creek after rain events and in areas of more urban surroundings.


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