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Fall 11-15-2021


The purpose of this study is to compare the tap and move-and-tap reaction times between those who play sports, those who play video games, and those who do neither. We hypothesize that the "Neither" group will have the slowest reaction times, while the "Sports" group will have the fastest move-and-tap reaction times, and the "Gamers" group has the fastest tap reaction times. Many research articles have indicated that gamers and athletes have similar reaction times speeds, with non-gamers/athletes having the slowest. However, we wanted to test the reaction times of all groups, based on them simply taping a button/mouse already in their hand, to them having to reach/extend their arm to tap a button/mouse. We would expect gamers to have faster reaction times/speed when it comes to pressing the mouse/button (that is placed in their hand), opposed to having to press it while extending their arm. Furthermore, we expect athletes to have faster reaction times/speed to having to extend their arm to press the mouse/button, with non-gamers/athletes having the slowest reaction times/speeds in both categories. Conclusions will allow us to decide if gaming is considered a sport. Thus, ultimately determining if E-Sports rightfully belongs in the Olympics.


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