CTZN 410: Reading and Repairing Place for the Greater Good

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Spring 4-19-2022


This semester, CTZN 410.11 and CTZN 410.17 students took a place studies approach to citizen leadership. We considered various disciplinary strategies for analyzing, evaluating, creating, and repairing places, from small-scale, low stakes places, like neighborhood dog parks, to large scale, high stakes places, like South Africa since the 1990s. Together we contemplated how Place is not neutral, how an ethos of civility, to quote sociologist Elijah Anderson, is possible and necessary, and how citizen leaders like us can and should strengthen our communities one functional, inclusive, civil, public Place at a time.



CTZN 410.11

Anderson, Phil J., Brinkley, Steven T., Bucsa, Elaine M., Cooper, Kaiya A., Crumbley, Shinesha S., Edwards, Rachel M., Elliott, Alexander D., Hendricks, Maria E., Hurst, Hope M., Jackson, Candice C., Lucas, Natalya G., Moskovitz, Sarah R., Nguyen, Jordan R., Rabearisoa, Andrea N., Robinson, Kiana D., Waldron, Cheyenne, Wilson, Jazz K.,

CTZN 410.17

Boggio, Garrett E., Breslin, Stephen J., Comer, Jayden M., Cook, Hanah L., Gronli, Markus A., Janney, Abigail G., Johnson, Madison E., McQuillan, Maeve K., Mulligan, Thomas P., Parrish, John R., Savage, Katelin, Valva, Kristina B., Vennema, Milou, Walton, Presley D., Weiss, Sarah G.

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