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Spring 4-14-2021


If the academic support needs of students are not being met, how can we expect them to succeed? More and more often, college students are withdrawing from classes, changing majors, transferring or even dropping out of school and this is largely due to lack of academic resources or simply the lack of awareness that these resources exist. Based on personal testimonies and survey data collected from students at Longwood, this issue is a campus-wide issue. Our goal is to make students more aware of the academic support resources on college so drop-out rates and to see that the number of students on academic probation are reduced. Longwood University could be a beacon of successful students if we find ways to better educate the student body on the resources that are available to them. Based on this, as a group, we collected data from the student population on their knowledge of the academic support programs that are already in place. From this it was discovered that in general students were using only two systems because they had been required in their classes, and in other cases did not realize other more specific programs existed on campus. With this information we developed a intervention plan to help these programs get more attention and general understanding within the student population.


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