Youth Sports Specialization: Parents

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Spring 4-14-2021


In our educational video, we will be describing to parents what youth sports specialization is. Specialization in one sport prior to high school with the exclusion of other sports. This requires the young athlete to commit at least 8 months a year to that sport as well as significant financial commitments. This specialization can affect the overall well-being of the athlete in positive and negative ways. The purpose of this video will be to talk about how specialization at a young age can affect a child. We are going to also focus on the parents and the effects that parents can have on a child's sport experience. We will go into further detail by discussing topics such as financial obligations, the effects specialization has on mental health, and the effects of negative parenting during games or practices. We will include audio and visuals within our educational video that relate to the topics we will be discussing.


CTZN 410, intro video:

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