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Fall 11-16-2021


There are two types of crabs, true crabs and false crabs. The true crabs, Brachyurans, evolved from the original lineage and false crabs, Anomurans, have evolved from separate lineages. The main research plan is to analyze the use of each morphological feature that is similar between the Brachyurans and Anomurans and identify if it provides an edge over other competitive organisms that do not exhibit that trait. This is planned to be studied by identifying and observing if certain crab-like morphological traits provide any advantage over organisms without those traits. This will be executed by finding several locations associated with at least one species from the orders of Brachyura and Anomura, and then make comparisons of their crab-like traits to other competitors in that ecosystem. It is important to understand which traits are favorable because crabs play a key role in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and they can hold many different niches in those ecosystems.


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