Submission Guidelines for Incite: The Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship Initial Submission

INCITE Submission Guidelines

Submit your work to INCITE

It is recommended that you read through past INCITE publications and the formatting information on the INCITE webpage before submitting your work.

Students may submit written or visual work from their classes or from independent research and inquiry projects conducted with faculty.

All student work should be read by their faculty advisor before submission.

Your submission (written or visual) must include a title page with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Title of Your Submission

Student INCITE submissions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Senior Seminar Research Papers/Projects
  • Original Research Projects
  • Literature Reviews
  • Research Papers Done for Coursework
  • Translations
  • Write-ups of Any Other Type pf Research Study
  • Research Proposals
  • Research Articles
  • Original Written Creative Works (Fiction, Poetry, Plays)

Before You Submit

  1. Make sure your paper is in an acceptable format. We can accept papers in Microsoft Word or PDF. If you cannot provide a Word document or PDF, please contact the system administrator to help with converting files
  2. Make sure you follow the following requirements:
    - One space after each period.
    - Use MS Word, set flush left, space-and-a-half with as little formatting as possible.
    -Use a common typeface, such as Times Roman.
    -Do not underline for emphasis.
    -Check and double-check spellings of proper names.
    -In instances of deliberately odd or unusual sentence structure or spelling, indicate by using [sic].
    -Do not use the space bar to align or separate text. Use tabs instead.
    -Foreign language words should be set in italics.
    -Include the relevant fonts, accents or special characters for the discipline in which you are writing.
    -Do not use indentations. Instead, use a double hard return after each paragraph.
    -Do not embed images into the document. Instead, submit images separately and in a JPEG format. Print-worthy images must have a resolution of 300 dpi. If the image needs to be enlarged—and depending on the extent of the enlargement—it must have a significantly higher resolution than 300 dpi; otherwise, the image will degrade.
    -Title each image as it is referenced in the manuscript and include the author’s last name, as in the example: smith_figure 1.
    -Do not embed audio or video in the files. Instead, upload audio and video to a third-party online sharing service, such as “Sound Cloud” for audio and YouTube for video.
  3. For citation style guidelines, please refer to the Submission Guidelines information on the INCITE webpage.
  4. When you submit your work on the INCITE initial submission page, you will also need to enter the following information:
    - Title
    - Author Information (Including Email)
    -Department of Faculty Advisor
    - 4-5 Keywords that Describe Your Work
    - Discipline Selection
    - Your Faculty Advisor's Name

Submit Your Proposal

  1. Under Submission Guidelines on the left-hand side navigation, click on Submit Research.
  2. It will take you a login screen, enter your LancerNet ID and password (same one used for Canvas or email)
  3. Fill in the information. Remember you can revise your information after submitting.
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the submission form. Only click Submit once, it may take a minute to upload.
  5. You will see the Confirmation Screen. Please review your information and if correct, you may exit the screen. If incorrect, please click the Revise My Submission button.
  6. You will receive any email with the link to your submission and will be able to edit your submission after it is reviewed.
  7. Overview of the Review Process

    After you have submitted, your paper will be sent to one or more of the faculty members of the INCITE Advisory Board for review. You will be notified in January if you need major or minor revisions to your paper and will be provided detailed feedback about requested revisions. A revised version of your paper will be due in February.

    How to Revise Your Paper

    If you need to revise your paper, please log in to Digital Commons and on your My Account page, you should see a link to your paper under the INCITE: The Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship Initial Submission heading. You may upload revisions or add additional files here.