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Benefits of Using Wound Vacuum Therapy

This project looks at the evidence and effects regarding the implementation of a wound vacuum assisted closure device. Also known as a wound VAC, this therapy uses a negative pressure system to promote safe and effective healing. This system has several advantages including drawing wound edges closer together, removing drainage and bacteria, improving blood flow, and keeps the wound warm and moist (Nasrin, 2016). A research article from the International Wound Journal described the importance of the use of wound vacuum assisting devices on patients who had received revascularization surgery for ischemic foot ulcers (De Caridi et al., 2016). Following the surgery, some of which were amputations, a wound vacuum assisting device was attached to the surgical site.In addition to reducing pain and risk for infection, findings concluded that “negative pressure wound therapy decreases wound edema and seroma formation, increases vascularity and nutrient delivery, and promotes positive mechanical wound remodeling” (Regner, 2018).


NURS 230 Benefits of Wound Vacuum Therapy