The Ruffner Family Association Collection is a compilation of genealogical files that trace the Ruffner family’s heritage dating back to its American beginnings in 1732 with Peter Ruffner and Mary Steinman. The RFA’s purpose is to, “maintain a society of members who will research and preserve their common heritage through the collection of historical artifacts and documents that form the basis for knowledge and appreciation of the historical role played by the Ruffner descendants and their collateral lines in the settlement of the American Frontier.” The Association has Officers and Board of Directors, Publication Committee, a Ruffner Roots and Ramblings publication, and maintains and plans Ruffner family reunions.

  • Ruffner Family Oral Histories
  • Ruffner Family Reunions
  • Ruffner Roots & Ramblings

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    Submissions from 2021


    A Brief Look at History and the Ruffner Connection in Washington State, Betty Lou ¨Deebach¨ Gaeng


    Peter Ruffner Biography, Anne Ruffner

    Submissions from 2017


    Peter Ruffner and his Descendants, Betty Lou Gaeng and Ruffner Family Association

    Submissions from 1965


    Mrs. Caleb Ruffner Correspondence, Ruffner Family Association

    Submissions from 1960


    Tom O'Bedlam Correspondence with Norma Baumgartner, Ruffner Family Association

    Submissions from 1935


    Frederick G. Ruffner, correspondence, Ruffner Family Association