The Ruffner Family Association Collection is a compilation of genealogical files that trace the Ruffner family’s heritage dating back to its American beginnings in 1732 with Peter Ruffner and Mary Steinman. The RFA’s purpose is to, “maintain a society of members who will research and preserve their common heritage through the collection of historical artifacts and documents that form the basis for knowledge and appreciation of the historical role played by the Ruffner descendants and their collateral lines in the settlement of the American Frontier.” The Association has Officers and Board of Directors, Publication Committee, a Ruffner Roots and Ramblings publication, and maintains and plans Ruffner family reunions.


The materials in this collection were originally compiled and organized by the Ruffner Family Association. In the spring of 2012 an agreement was reached between Greenwood Library and the RFA in which the Greenwood Library Archives would serve as the official repository of the RFA records and archival collections. These materials came into the archives on three separate occasions: Subgroup A was delivered by the RFA in spring 2012, Subgroups B& D came to the archives in summer 2015, and Subgroup C was delivered by the RFA in summer 2016.

Scope and Content
    Subgroup A of this collection contains correspondence, genealogical records and notes, family Bibles, and miscellaneous photos.
    Subgroup B of this collection contains various Ruffner family reunion records, information on significant sites to the Ruffner family, and more information and purpose of the Ruffner Family Association.
    Subgroup C of this collection contains supplemental correspondence of the RFA, Ruffner genealogy, and miscellaneous newspaper articles.
    Subgroup D of this collection contains books about significant sites to the RFA and books published by RFA members.
    Subgroup E of this collections contains files withheld from public view due to personal and sensitive information listed within the files.

The materials range in date from 1811 through 2014.


This collection consists of 22.3 linear feet contained in six (6) legal sized boxes, seventeen (17) banker’s boxes, and two (2) archival flat boxes.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes but some files have been withheld due to their personal and sensitive information.

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