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Fall 11-18-2020


Depression and Anxiety are mental health problems that affect the way a person thinks or feels. 36.4% of college students are affected by depression in their time at university and 41.6% of students are affected by anxiety. There are a variety of risk and protective factors that can contribute to higher or lower levels of mental health problems. Two of the more common factors are the amount of social interaction and financial stability. Covid 19 is a virus that has affected the health of many individuals. The virus has caused a global pandemic and in itself is an uncontrollable event. Since the virus is an uncontrollable event it can be believed that the prevalence of depression and anxiety symptoms will be higher among college students. With this belief it can be hypothesized that college students with more social interaction and more financial security will experience less symptoms of depression and anxiety than those who do not have an abundance of social interaction or financial security.


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