'You're in Danger': Identifying Reliable Opinion Journalism

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Fall 11-18-2020


October 26th, 2020, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice after a 52-48 vote by the Senate. With the US political climate in a state of turmoil, news outlets and independent journalists have taken to the internet to write about her; opinion pieces are coming out daily. It has become progressively more difficult for the average American to distinguish the difference between reliable and unreliable sources. It gets even trickier as the gain in popularity of opinion pieces continues to rise, opinion journalism becoming more widespread. Consequently, it’s important for Americans (or any individual) to understand what makes journalism reliable and how reliable opinion pieces help promote our democratic ideals. For this presentation, we will be breaking down two liberally associated opinion pieces about Amy Coney Barrett. We’ll show the audience how they can better determine what makes any article more reliable and help them develop their news literacy skills. Lastly, it is our intention to prove to the audience that opinion journalism is not only reliable, but emphasizing its role in encouraging the exchange of ideas in supporting our democracy.


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