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Fall 11-18-2020


The purpose of this project was to compare the effectiveness of the EpiPen and its alternatives. Epipens are the first-line treatment for systemic allergic reactions. The pharmaceutical company Mylan first came into existence in 1961, distributing medical and health products to medical professionals with the goal of providing access to affordable medicine. Epipens now-a-days can cost anywhere from $650-$700, while alternatives like Symjepi cost around $200, Adrenaclick is about $500 and Auvi- Q is around $5,000 for a twin pack but can be free with insurance . For this project we looked at various different sources about each brand. From those sources we compared the information gathered and based the conclusion off of the sources that were all 5 years or younger. We looked at pricing and insurance, price trends, and the differences of each epinephrine auto-injector. It was concluded that the cheaper alternatives are equally as effective as Epipen.


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