How Does the Media's Depiction of Black Lives Matter Affect the Movement?

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Fall 11-18-2020


The purpose of this presentation is to show how different news outlets portray the Black Lives Matter protest. Some news outlets cover why people are protesting and the peaceful protest. On the other hand, other news outlets make it a priority to portray the Black Lives Matter protest as violent as they can. Portraying the protest as violent allows the news stations not to talk about the police brutality and why people are protesting in the first place. After the death of George Floyd, 15 to 26 million people protested across the nation. According to scholars and crowd-counting experts, the number of people who protested would make the recent protests the largest movement in the country’s history. With that being said, how news stations depict the movements is crucial. When news stations are depicting the movement as just violent and looters, their viewers will begin to believe that BLM is violent. On the other hand, when news stations depict BLM as a majority peaceful movement and discuss why they’re protesting, it allows the viewers to understand a little of what Black people have been going through for years.


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