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Fall 11-18-2020


The COVID19 pandemic has generated rumors and conspiracy theories: -Origin of the virus, its modes of transmission, the options for preventing and treating it, and the actions governments have taken (Vraga & Jacobsen, 2020). Which is more effective: cloth face masks or neck gaiters. Gaiter masks fit very loosely around the mouth and nose. According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, your mask should fully cover your nose and chin: preventing breathing in any droplets (Schive, 2020). Masks need to be tightly woven; you cannot see the individual fibers when holding it up to the light (Schive, 2020). Masks should be at least two layers thick. A third layer adds extra protection (Schive, 2020). Cloth masks can spread droplets up to 2.5 inches (Woehnker, 2020). As predicted, cloth face masks have shown to be more effective in slowing transmission


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