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Fall 11-15-2021


Major depressive disorder is a mood disorder that causes sadness and loss of interest. This affects how one may feel, think, or behave which impact their physical and mental state. People who have been diagnosed with this disorder find themselves losing interest in things they once loved. In the United States there are 16.1 million Americans diagnosed with MDD. This disorder is more common in individuals who have had it in their families which has resulted in the interest in how different genes impact MDD. Micro-RNA has been researched and discovered to have a correlation with MDD. These Micro-RNA's show an adaptive response to stress leading to either a resilience or development of this disorder. Once more is understood on effects that these Micro-RNA's have on different genetic makeup, medication can be developed along with different therapies to help with different Micro-RNA. This could also help find and treat individuals who are more susceptible to this disorder before it proliferates.


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