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Fall 11-15-2021


Forkhead box (FOXO) transcription factors have been shown to influence longevity and ageing in various species. FOXO has shown to be involved in the regulation of cancer through the ageing process. The gene methuselah in Drosophila melanogaster is involved in longevity due to its connection to FOXO transcription factors. This study aims to discover the effects of FOXO on the gene methuselah through gene knockout. D. melanogaster cells were infused with FOXO transcription factors to alter the DNA strand. The methuselah gene within this DNA was knocked out by inhibition of the FOXO transcription factors. Knockout of this gene should negatively affect the longevity of the organism. This is due to methuselah's role in increased longevity when FOXO is present. Discovering the effects of gene knockout with FOXO can increase longevity in various species.


BIOL 326

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