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Fall 11-15-2021


Cell Biology has evolved throughout the years from Hooke describing a cell for the first time to CRISPR now allowing scientists to think about gene editing. This experiment we will be using one of these advancements to see the effect on PEPCK when dFOXO is knocked down. The gene; PEPCK stands for Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, this enzyme typically is involved and is a key enzyme for the liver and the kidney. The transcription factor that will be inhibited is called FOXO, where transcription factors are binded to the target gene and begin to affect the development and metabolism. The results we hope to discover is that the inhibition of dFOXO will greatly affect PEPCK by not letting it be expressive. In a greater scale this experiment could discover another crucial inhibition of a transcription factor and gene expression combination.


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