How does water quality differ at lentic and lotic freshwater ecosystems in Farmville?

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Fall 11-15-2021


Water quality is a major component in determining ecosystem health. Unfortunately, water pollution is an extensive environmental crisis that has devastating effects. There are various sources of pollution and the largest in the United States is the agriculture field and rural locations such as Farmville have an increased risk. The introduction of pollutants such as phosphorus can decrease biodiversity dramatically. In order to diminish the effects of water pollution we must understand the routes of exposure, conflicting factors, and effects on organisms. For this experiment phosphorus and oxygen levels in two local bodies of water were tested over the course of three weeks. A lotic (Buffalo Creek) and Lentic (Wilck's Lake) body of water were tested to examine the differences between the two. At the conclusion of this study a better understanding about how different bodies of water react to pollutants will be gained and the observable effects on biodiversity.


BIOL 341

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