'Picture it'

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Fall 11-18-2020


Individuals who have autism, tend to have trouble fully communicating what it is that they truly need. Furthermore, there are many different varieties of communication technology out there today that are extremely beneficial; however, for some families, not affordable at all. Thus, we have researched the different ways to help a student with autism communicate but at an affordable rate. In the end we have decided on a low-tech picture exchange communication system as our form of intervention in helping an individual clearly express their needs and to better communicate in general. Our hypothesis for the study using the picture exchange communication system is that individuals who have autism that are non-verbal will be able to increase their excessive language skills with using this intervention. Upon research, we have found that the picture exchange communication system has helped increase the expressive language skills for individuals who have autism spectrum disorder. Our recommendation would be to use a low-tech form of this intervention, therefore, many people have the capability to work with this intervention, as it would be the cheapest option.


SPED 475



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