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Spring 2015


Introduction from Interim Dean Dr. Jennifer Apperson

Spatial Analysis of Potential Risk Factors Associated with Addition of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Through Virginia by Rachel C. Lombardi

"Delicate Matters with No Speaking," "Hope and Nothing," "Mono Duality" by Ben Osterhout

"Connect" Graphic Design Senior Project by Lindsay Graybill

Phenolic Acids in Brassicaceae Plants: Ovipositional Stimulants or Deterrents for Cabbage White Butterfly, Pieris Rapae? by Rebecca E. Dey And Skyler T. Carpenter

"Abecedarian Cards" by Emma Beckett, Jason Ware, And Mollie Andrews

Helvetica: A Type Specimen Book by James Bates, Landon Cooper, Tiffani Jeffries, And Maria Wheaton

“Things Left Behind” by Dallas Price

Heretic Adornment by Laura Kahler

Photography by Sarah Charlton

Revisiting Longfellow: Expressing Universality through Accessibility by Anna Bultrowicz

Magazine Spreads from “What Dreams May Come: Marriage Across Cultures” by Emily Spittle

Magazine Spreads From “Live on The Street: A Naked Look at Human Sex Trafficking” by Erin Godwin

Lasting Light by Eamon Brokenbrough


Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Dr. Gordon Van Ness, Chair
  • Dr. Chris Bjornsen
  • Dr. Phillip Cantrell
  • Dr. Tim Holmstrom
  • Dr. Dina Leech
  • Mr. Wade Lough
  • Dr. Brett Martz
  • Dr. JoEllen Pederson
  • Mr. Chris Register

Edited by

  • Ian Karamarkovich
  • Kristen Gaines-Karpienya


  • Karen Ingebretsen

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