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Spring 2014


Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

Caught Between Folklore and the Cold War: The Americanization of Russian Children's Literature by Kristen Gains

Graphic Design by Amanda Willis

Graphic Design by Holly Backer

Prejudices in Swiss German Accents by Monika Gutierrez

Photography by Cara O'Neal

Photography by Sara Nelson

Edmund Tyrone's Long Journey through Night by Sasha Silberman

Photography by Jessica Beardsley

Photography by Jamie Gardner and Edward Peeples

The Republican Razor: The Guillotine as a Symbol of Equality by Jamie Clift

Graphic Design by Matthew Sakach

Genocide: The Lasting Effects of Gender Stratification in Rwanda By Tess Lione and Emily Wilkins

Photography by Kelsey Holt and Jessica Page

Morocco and the 20 February Movement by Charles Vancampen, Gilbert Hall, Jenny Nehrt, Kasey Dye, Amanda Tharp, Jamie Leeawrik, & Ashley McGee

Photography by Emily Poulin

Photography by Michael Kropf

Improving Performance of Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic Using SIMD Assembly Code Instructions by Nick Pastore

Art by Austin Polasky and Morgan Glasco

Art by Laura L. Kahler

The Effects of the Neutral Response Option on the Extremeness of Participant Responses by Melinda L. Edwards and Brandon C. Smith

Graphic Design by Mariah Asbell

Graphic Design by Cabell Edmunds

College Bullying: An Exploratory Analysis by Amelia D. Perry

Photography by Alyssa Hayes

Death-Related Crime: Applying Bryant's Conceptual Paradigm of Thanatological Crime to Military Settings by Irina Boothe

Graphic Design by Perry Bason

Graphic Design by James Early


Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Dr. Phillip Cantrell
  • Mr. Wade Lough
  • Dr. David Magill
  • Ms. Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol
  • Dr. Sarah Porter
  • Mr. Chris Register
  • Dean Charles Ross, Chair
  • Dr. Gordon Van Ness

Edited by

  • Ian Karamarkovich
  • Mary C. Sansone
  • Dr. Phillip Cantrell
  • Dr. David McGill
  • Dr. Sarah Porter
  • Dr. Gordon Van Ness


  • Karen Ingebretsen

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