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Spring 2013


Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

The Tallis House as an Extension of Emily Tallis in McEwan's Atonement by Ian Karamarkovich

Graphic Design by Jessica Cox

Graphic Design by Kyle Fowlkes

Graphic Design by Allison Pawlowski

Incorporating Original Research in The Classroom: A Case Study Analyzing the Influence of the Chesapeake Bay on Local Temperatures by Kaitlin Major, Carrie Dunham and Dr. Kelsey Scheitlin

Graphic Design by Kathryn Grayson

Graphic Design by Ashley Johnson

Facing the Music: Environmental Impact Assessment of Building A Concert Hall on North Campus by Jennifer Nehrt, Kelsey Stolzenbach And Dr. Kelsey Scheitlin

Art by Kristin McQuarrie

Art by Sara Nelson

Art by Melisa Michelle

Prosocial Behavior as a Result of Prosocial Music by Jessica Sudlow

Graphic Design by Perry Bason

Graphic Design by Danielle Dmuchawski

Graphic Design by Mariah Asbell

Graphic Design by Matthew Sakach

Identifying Pathogenic Salmonella Serotypes Isolated from Prince Edward County, VA Waterways via Mutiplex PCR Analysis by Timothy Smith, Jr.

Art by Annaliese Troxell

Art by T. Dane Summerell

Development of Salicylidene Anilines for Application in the High School Laboratory by Sarah Ganrude

Graphic Design by Malina Rutherford

Graphic Design by Hannah Hopper, and Matthew Sakach

Because That's What Daddies Do: Effects of Fathering Patterns on Son's Self and Gender Identities by John Berry, Jr.

Graphic Design by James Early

Graphic Design by Colleen Festa

The Influence of Tropical Cyclones on Chesapeake Bay Dead Zones by Chelsea D. Taylor and Dr. Kelsey Scheitlin

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Graphic Design by Sarah Schu

Graphic Design by Perry Bason, Cabell Edmunds, Katherine Grayson, Matthew Sakach, and Kayla Tornai


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Dr. Gordon Van Ness

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