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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Dr. Amorette Barber
  • From the Editor: Dr. Larissa "Kat" Tracy
  • From the Designers: Rachel English, Rachel Hanson
  • Hungry Like the Wolf: The Wolf as Metaphor in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone: Ireland Seagle
  • “Floating Cities”: Illustrating the Commercial and Conservation Conflict of Alaskan Cruise Ship Tourism: Dalton C. Whitby
  • What Can You Do When Your Genes are the Enemy? Current Applications of Gene Manipulation and the Associated Ethical Considerations: Cassandra Poole
  • La doble cara: un tema romántico en las obras de Larra y Hawthorne: Rachel Cannon
  • Resolving a Conflict: How to Teach Evolution to Students with a Religious Background: Heidi Parker-Combes
  • A History of Secret Societies at Longwood University and Their Relationship to Student Power and Agency: Devon G. Shifflett
  • Policy Brief: Addressing Petroleum Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay around Naval Station Norfolk: Antonio Harvey


Editor: Larissa "Kat" Tracy

Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Corey Call
  • Leslie Cook-Day
  • Christopher F. Labosier
  • Hua "Meg" Meng
  • Benjamin Topham
  • Tim Ritzert
  • Erin Wallace


  • Rachel English
  • Rachel Hanson

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