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Introduction Dr. Roger A. Byrne, Dean

From the Editor Dr. Larissa “Kat” Tracy

From the Designers Rachel English, Rachel Hanson

The Effect of Compliment Type on the Estimated Value of the Compliment by Payton Davenport, Audrey Lemons, and Jacob Shope

The Imperial Japanese Military: A New Identity in the Twentieth Century, 1853–1922 by Haley Smith

Longwood University’s campus: Human-cultivated Soil has Higher Microbial Diversity than Soil Collected from Wild Sites by Cassandra Poole

Reminiscent Modernism: Poetry Magazine’s Modernist Nostalgia for the Past by Rachel Cannon

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Study of Age and Occupational Perspectives as Expressed in Language by Rachel Boch

Reconciling Reader Response and Feminism in Late Twentieth-Century Erotic Historical Romances by Suzanne Stetson


Edited by

  • Larissa “Kat” Tracy

Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Corey Call
  • Leslie Cook-Day
  • Christopher F. Labosier
  • Hua “Meg” Meng
  • Lindsey Stokes
  • Benjamin Topham
  • Tim Ritzert
  • Erin Wallace


  • Rachel English
  • Rachel Hanson

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