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Spring 4-22-2020


Introduction, Dr. Roger A. Byrne, Dean

From the Editor, Dr. Larissa "Kat" Tracy

From the Designers, Rachel English, Rachel Hanson

Immortality in the Mortal World: Otherworldly Intervention in "Lanval" and "The Wife of Bath's Tale" by Haleigh James

Analysis of Phenolic Compounds in Moroccan Olive Oils by HPLC by Hannah Meyls

Art by Hope Irvin

The Effects of Cell Phone Use on Gameplay Enjoyment and Frustration by Megan E. Hlavaty, Samara L. Gall, and Austin J. Funk

Care, No Matter What: Planned Parenthood's Use of Organizational Rhetoric to Expand its Reputation by Karyn Keane

Analysis of Petroleum Products for Forensic and Environmental Applications by Sarah Ghali, Antonio Harvey, and Katelynn McCrillis

Art by Andrew Jones

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire by Rachel Hazelwood

Art by Madison Schmitz

Ercilla y la imitacion: Araucanos al estilo europeo by Marija Venta

Design by Haley Tebo

Design by Jeremiah Gilmer

White Supremacist's Appropriation of the Persuasion of Passivity in Marvel's Captain America by Bridget Dunn

Design by Benjamin Sullivan

Art by McKenzie Johnson


Edited by Larissa “Kat” Tracy

Proofreaders Karyn Keane and James Spence

Incite Faculty Advisory Board

Jennifer Barlow, Corey Call, Leslie Cook-Day, Scott Grether, Christopher F. Labosier, Wade Lough, Barbara Newton, Benjamin Topham, Tim Ritzert

Designer Rachel English, Rachel Hanson

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