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Table of Contents:

Introduction, Dr. Roger A. Byrne, Dean

From the Editor, Dr. Larissa "Kat" Tracy

From the Designers, Rachel English, Rachel Hanson

Synthesis of 3,5-substituted Parabens and their Antimicrobial Properties, Jacob Coarney, Ryan White

Chernobyl: Putting "Perestroika" and "Glasnot" to the Test, Joseph Hyman

Art by Jenny Raven

Watering Down Accessibility: The Issue with Public Access to Alaska's Federal Waterways, Meagan Garrett

Why Has the Democratic Republic of the Congo outsourced its Responsibility to Educate its Citizens? Ibrahim Kante

Art by Summer Meinhard

A Computational Study of Single Molecule Diodes, Lauren Johnson

Satire of the State through Discourse: Applying Althusser and Bakhtin, William Dean Howells "Editha", Glen Spencer

Design by Laura Gottschalk

Why did the United Kingdom Vote to Leave the European Union?, Christopher Siefke

Art by Pink Powell

Art by Natasha Woodmany

Method of Detection of PFOA in Water Samples, Katharine Colley

Art by Abbey Mays

The Rhetorical Construction of eSports' Legitimacy, Charlotte Potts


Edited by Larissa “Kat” Tracy

Proofreader: Karyn Keane

Incite Faculty Advisory Board: Jennifer Barlow, Corey Call, Leslie Cook-Day, Scott Grether, Christopher F. Labosier, Wade Lough, Barbara Newton, Sarah Porter, Benjamin Topham, Chris Register, Tim Ritzert, Sarah Varela

Designers: Rachel English, Rachel Hanson

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