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Please note that part of pages 92-95 are redacted, in the digital copy, due to a misprint of the original printed article.

Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

The Internal Other: Transculturation and Postcolonial Magical Realism in Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children by Matt Szemborski

Photography by Phillip Van Ness

Photography “Waterfall” by Sarah Croughwell

Romancing the Bite: Statistical Analysis of Young Adult Vampire Novels by Sarah Mayfield

Photography by Alyssa Strackbein

Photography by Marley Kimmel

Wine and Society in the Viceroyalty of Peru by Stephanie Skipp

Analysis of Claud Monet’s Impression, Sunrise by Jamie Yurasits

Exploring Meaning: The Lindisfarne Gospels by Katherine Taggart

Photography by Alex Leonhart

Photography “Sorority” by Kristen Rawls

A Study on E-mail Address Harvesting Behavior by Andrew Armes

Print Making by Amanda Haymens

Poster “Community” by Allison Paqlowski

Poster “Unite. Work Together. Solve” by Erica May

Photography by Stephanie Lane

A Minimal Working Configuration Set for Asterisk by Luke Acree

The Effect of Judges’ Instructions about Case Information on Jury Memory by Cassandra L. Wilson

Photography by Stephanie Pishock

Photography by Erica Hopson

Phonological Similarity versus Semantic Similarity on False Memory Induction by K. Juston Osborne

Poster “We the People” by Kathryn Grayson

Poster “Unite for a New Voice” by Kyle Fowlkes

Poster “There’s no harm in Covering Everyone” by Jessica Cox

Poster “Food is Your Common Ground A Universal Experience” by Kaity Byrum

Heat-Induced CIS/Trans Isomerization in Vegetable Oils and Oleic Acid by John-Harwood Scott

Poster “Siren” by Ashley Johnson

Poster “Everything is One” by Samantha Hockman

Logo for WMLU College Radio by Emily Staskiel

Poster “I am My Own Wife” by Nancy MacDonald

Increasing Binding Strength for Capsaicin Analogs through Alteration of Lanthanide Chelates by R. Kruger Bressin

Retention of Science Majors Through Different Avenues of General Chemistry Education by Benjamin P. Bilodeau

Detecting Counterfeit Ani-Malarials Through Comparison Between High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Other Methods of Analysis by Andrea Irby

Lithographic print “Economic Apocalypse” & “Winter Pin Oak” by Kristin MacQuarrie

Movie Poster “Mean Girls” by Sarah Bietsch

Movie Poster “Edward Scissorhands” by Elizabeth Bednar


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