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Introduction Dr. Amorette Barber, Director, Office of Student Research

From the Editor Dr. Hannah Dudley-Shotwell

Artist’s Statement Connor Thompson

On mentorship Dr. John Miller

The Meat of the Matter: Allen, Human and Animal in Terry Blsson’s “They’re Made of Out of Meat” by Emily Steffenhagen

“Please REBLOG!”: An Ethical analysis of Doxxing, Internet Vigilantism and Racists Getting Fired by Emily Robertson

Journaling: Paper Has More Patience Than People by Luis Fernando Dos Reis

The Effects of Climate Change on the Archeological World by Emily Farmer

Lowered Seat Height Does Not Impair Wingate Performance in Untrained Cyclists by Samuel Villa, Robert Allison, and Zachary Chessor

Intentions, Interpretations, and the Paradoxes of Asimov’s Laws of Robotics by Meagan Borden

How Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists Define and Defend Women’s Spaces by Austin Burnett

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson by Larry W. Grant, Jr.

“unsex me here”: Lady Macbeth’s Performance of Female Masculinity by Tristan Marowski

Monstrosity, Queer Desire, and écriture féminine in Sherldan le Fanu’s Carmilla by Emma Moore

The Surfaces of Loathsome Beauty in the Picture of Dorian Gray by Pearl Siff


Edited by: Hannah Dudley-Shotwell

Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Corey Call
  • Mark Kostro
  • Steven Hoehner
  • Hua "Meg" Meng
  • Greg Mole
  • Benjamin Topham
  • Sarah Porter
  • Timothy Ritzert
  • Erin Waggoner
  • Erin Wallace


  • David Whaley

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