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Spring 2010


Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

Little Shop of Horrors by Longwood Theater Department

Who Has the Hottest Hotsauce in Farmville: A Quantitative Comparison of Sauces from Local Restaurants by Cheryl Peck and Charles Hoever

Precipitation Effects on the Growth of White Oaks and Virginia Pines on the Mt. Vernon Plantation by Brittany Anderson

Design and Synthesis of Novel Ion Binding Molecules for Self-Assembly and Sensing Applications by J. Ervin Sheldon

A Statistical Analysis of Algorithms for Playing SameGame by Richard Hayden

Intersecting Cylinders at Arbitrary Angles by Yuri Calustro

Putting a Foot in the Revolving Door: Strategies for Reducing Teacher Attrition by Candice Fleming and Rebecca Franklin

The Effect of Presentation on Spanish Vocabulary Recall by Ashley Yocum

How Attractive Are You? Individuals Sensitivity to Number of Sexual Partners by Danielle M. Jagoda and Cristina M. Valdivieso

Culturally Relevant Practices for Teaching Code-Switching to African-American Students in Kindergarten Classrooms by Jameka Jones

Two Poems – “Dust” and “Check Out Girls” by Amy Ellis

Three Poems – “Rosewood Massacre, 1923”, “Jarring” and “Reverence” by Ashley Maser

Three Poems – “Dirty Thunderstorm”, “Summer Hide 'N Seek Car Tag” and “Bliss” by Erikk Shupp

Analysis of the Wilton Diptych by Jamie Yurasits

“Nod”, “Corriline” “Flying” “Familiar” by Alexander Leonhart

Papermaking by Kenny Wolfe and Sally Meadows

“Plant” by J. Haley, Amy Jackson, and Morgan Howard

“Dare to Dart” by Amy Jackson, Adrienne Heinbaugh and Melissa Dorton

Untitled Photographs by Hopson

“Lockets” by Morgan Howard

Graphic Designs and Untitled Photographs by Ciarra Stalker

Selections from a Senior Recital by Joshua Davis


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  • Steven Wood

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