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Spring 4-2009


Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

Mike's Nite: New Jazz for an Old Instrument by Joseph A. Mann

Investigation of the use of Cucumis Sativus for Remediation Of Chromium from Contaminated Environmental Matrices: An Interdisciplinary Instrumental Analysis Project by Kathryn J. Greenly, Scott E. Jenkins, and Andrew E. Puckette

Development of GC-MS and Chemometric Methods for the Analysis of Accelerants in Arson Cases by Scott Jenkins

Building and Measuring Scalable Computing Systems by Daniel M. Honey and Jeffery P. Ravenhorst

Nomini Hall: A Case Study in the Use of Archival Resources as Guides for Excavation at An Archaeological Site by Jamie Elizabeth Mesrobian

Two Stories: In Ohio and How to Stay Out of the Brazilian Army by Thomas Scott

Forgerson des Hommes/Stealing the Steel in Zola's Men by Jay Crowell

Paul Gauguin's Escape into Primitivism by Sarah Spangenberg

Lee Krasner, Abstract Expressionist by Amy S. Eason

Artist Book “Paris” by Kenny Wolfe

Artist Book “Sequence of Every Day” by Liz Hale

Artist Book “Apple Tree” by Rachel Bouchard

Artist Book “Not so Pretty in Pink” by Will Semonco

Artist Book “Look into the Moon” by Carley York

Artist Books “Extra” and “Green” by Ryan Higgenbothom

Artist Book “Re-growing Appalachia” by Adrienne Heinbaugh

Artist Books “Cheeziest”, “Uh-oh” and “The Girl with the Glasses” by Melissa Dorton

“Self-Reflection” by Madeline Hunter

Artist Book “The Princess and the Frog” by June Ashmore

“Hunter’s Niche” and “The Wild” by Clark Barkley

“To Thine Own Self be True” by Jay Haley

Not Funny” Ten-Minute Play Festival


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