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Spring 4-2008


Introduction from Dean Dr. Charles Ross

Three Decades of Digging: Undergraduate Archeology at Longwood by Jessica Fields and Stephanie Neeley

Interactions of Allelopathy and Heat Stress in Plants by Derek W. Hambright and Mary E. Lehman

Inertial Electrostatic Confinement D-D Fusion Device: Construction and Simulation by Andrew R. Grzankowski

Shackled Nim by Zachary Johnson

Development of GC-MS and Chemometric Methods for the Analysis of Accelerants in Arson Cases by Boone M. Prentice

A Comparison of Image Analysis Methods in cDNA Microarrays by Ashley M. Swandby

Perceived Sexual Activity of Short and Long-Term Relationships by Victoria Morgan and Katie Williamson

Elderly Male Communication by Kristine G. Bender

Three Poems: “Adam and Eve and an Orange Tree”, “The Name of Everything Before Dying”, and “The ‘Poet Voice’” by Katelyn N. Romaine

"There's Nothing Like Dancing, After All": Marriage and Gender in the Dance Scenes of Jane Austen's Novels by D. Nicole Swann

Two Poems: “Age Nine with Mother” and “The Apple That Crawls Away From the Tree” by Jessica Fox

Untitled by Mike McAteer

Room 9 by Alex Grabiec

Two Photographs: “Gracie” and “Emily” by Laura Nodtvedt

Bowling Lanes Night by Nick Costa

Two Paintings: “Can and Kettle” and “Scarecrow” by Rachel Wolfe

Exploring Henrik Ibsen's “Perr Gynt” by Zack Dalton

Creative Writing Scholarship at Longwood University

Music Scholarship at Longwood – Senior Recital Arianne K. Burrus

Longwood University Theater – Peer Gynt


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