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Spring 2016


Introduction from Interim Dean Dr. Jennifer Apperson

Indigenous Peoples and the Modern Era by Meghan Enzinna

"Who Says": How Selena Gomez and the Scene Attempt to Subvert the Popular Standards of Beauty by Casey Dawn Gailey

Art by Raven Collins

Meltdown on Social Media: Amy's Baking Company Meets Kitchen Nightmares by Nathena Haddrill

Art by Chiara Enriquez

Design by Amelia Mcconnell

Worth More Than a Thousand Words: A Visual Rhetorical Discussion of Virtual Reality by Examining "Clouds Over Sidra" by Alexander Morton

Design by Emma Beckett

The Sonata: An Analysis of Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Minor, K. 457 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Leah G. Parr

Art by Briana Adhikusuma

Skewed Perceptions of Masculinity in Chris Lynch's Inexcusable by Taylor Embrey

Photography by Rowan Davis

"Joy Like Short Grass": Death in James Dickey's the Eagle's Mile by Danielle Sisson

Poster by Bianca Cherry

Design by Melissa Cacho

A Writer's Evolution: Connecting Academic and Workplace Writing Within the Field of Nursing by Chloé Woodward

Background and Research Designs on Service Dogs for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by Catherine Rollins

Photography by Carson Reeher

Design by Landon Cooper

Wallace Stevens: Meaning in Nature and Its Elements by Haley Vasquez

Photography by Marlisha Stewart

Building an Arcade Machine to Do Interdisciplinary Research into What Makes People Like Video Games by Eric Whitehead

Poster by Sabrina Walker

Design by James Bates


Incite Faculty Advisory Board

  • Dr. Gordon Van Ness, Chair
  • Dr. Chris Bjornsen
  • Dr. Phillip Cantrell
  • Dr. Dina Leech
  • Mr. Wade Lough
  • Dr. Brett Martz
  • Dr. JoEllen Pederson
  • Mr. Chris Register
  • Dr. Ben Topham

Edited by

  • Emily Weldon
  • Haley Wilson


  • Karen Ingebretsen

Design by Emily Spittle and Design Lab, Cover Photograph by Halle Parker