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Spring 2017


Introduction Dr. Roger A. Byrne

Islamic Radicalization of Women in The United Kingdom by Mackenzie Adamson

Harmony by Chad Benton

The Rhetoric of Distrust: A Dangerous Game During the 2016 Presidential Campaign by Garrett Badgley

Neither Man nor Monster: Frankenstein's Creature as Posthuman by Anna Bultrowicz

Holisticrx by Kelsey Daniel

Reality Bytes: Identity in the Virtual World of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One by Taylor Embrey

Animation by Jose Romero

Sue Klebold's a Mother's Reckoning: A Call to Action for Mental Health Advocacy by Taylor Hughes

Hillary Clinton's Rhetoric of Gender Inequality: The Past, the Present, nd the (Hypothetical) Future by Haley Klepatzki

Against the Grain: Eat Gluten Free by Emily Spittle

Following Judith: A Midrashic Approach to the Book of Judith by Kelsey Longnaker

Identity and Dialect Adaptation: The Effect of Geography and Community on Dialect by Alexis Paige Manuel

"These are the Gardens Of The Desert": The Revolutionary Impact Of Bryant's "The Prairies" on American Literature by Montana Nelson

Beauty is Pain: Eating Disorders, Gender, and the Lies We Feed Young Women By Faith Shelton

Be a Man: The Eradication of Gender in Y: The Last Man by Joseph Stearman

A Computational Study of Molecular Electronics: The Role of Molecular Structure by John Brumfield

The Importance of Voting by Monica Mcgraw

Method for The Detection and Removal of Antibiotics in Bottled Water by Jayden Metzger

Small Chimp Print by Maddie Smith

Mental Health Impairments in Rural Communities by Lyndsey Swinhart

F@#* That: The Effects of Swearing and Influence of Authority on Stress Level by Amanda N. Chappell And Haley C. Moore

Friend or Faux? Prosocial and Antisocial Social Media Use and Personality Traits by Samantha Burgess, Heather Dunbar, Briana Hackett, Jackie Mcmillion, Kiana Simpkins, And Ta'miya Vanhook-Davis

"There's Someone in My Head but It’s Not Me": Attitudes About Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychological Disorders by Kiana Simpkins, Lindsey Sparrock, And Leonie Verstraete

Efflorescent Bonds by Kristen Melton

"Shower Thoughts" by Ryan Bultrowicz


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