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Spring 4-9-2023


The most beneficial way of implementing evidence-based practice in nursing is through clinical practice guidelines, according to numerous research studies and meta-analysis. At the Centra Southside Community Emergency Department, there is a lack of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for nurses to use as aids in the critical judgment nursing process. The goal of this research is to create clinical practice guidelines that are relevant for the clinical environment, practical for everyday use, easily accessible, and cohesive with current standards of care in the Southside Emergency Department. This goal will be met through surveys of the daily staff nurses and nursing leadership on their knowledge of evidence-based practice, understanding of the use of clinical practice guidelines in nursing, and preferences for clinical practice guideline topics for their emergency department. This research was successfully achieved through the application of Kurt Lewin's Force Field Theory of Change in Nursing with emphasis on improving safety and quality outcomes, as well as reducing cost-implications for patients and the healthcare organization. Three clinical practice guidelines were created using feedback from the daily staff nurses and nursing leadership at the Southside Emergency Department. These are currently in the process of becoming approved for official hospital use. Future research should be conducted after the implementation of these guidelines to survey the nursing staff on their perceptions and attitudes of the guidelines, as well as their effectiveness.

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