Spring Showcase for Research and Creative Inquiry

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Spring 2019


The researchers have studied the topic of Humor Therapy. According to the literature, there is no agreement on how humor therapy should be defined. In general, it is the facilitation of activities that trigger laughter ranging from funny videos to laughter yoga. At the very beginning, the researchers both found literature that was relevant to our research topic. After reviewing the literature, we contacted an expert and interviewed the CTRS regarding previous experiences with Humor Therapy. With the information from all these resources, we developed a knowledge translation plan to guide CTRS through the use of Humor Therapy. One of the most interesting parts of Humor Therapy is that there is a wide variety of ways to implement and facilitate. This type of therapy is very individualized depending on each participant. This type of therapy uses pre and post assessments and is very simple to plan, implement and document. No training is needed and this is a cost-effective therapy. Humor Therapy provides social, emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits for participants.


Faculty Adviser: Susan Lynch



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