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Spring 4-14-2021


Macroinvertebrates are important biological monitors that play a valuable role in the metabolism of freshwater food chains. Previous studies have suggested that conditions such as dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, precipitation, and air temperature can affect the abundance of macroinvertebrates which can in turn affect the health of freshwater ecosystems. This research aimed to find the relationship between macroinvertebrate biodiversity and various environmental conditions in freshwater ecosystems. Weather data was taken from a weather station at Lancer Park and water data was taken on-site at Wilson stream, both locations in Farmville, Virginia. Sample collection and identification occurred twice a week for five weeks. Macroinvertebrates were collected using a depolled net and then stored for identification. It is expected that moderate weather conditions and above average precipitation will be associated with higher observed macroinvertebrate biodiversity. However, if the weather conditions are cooler with below average precipitation there will be a lower biodiversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates.


ENSC 201

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