The Impact of Less than Lethal Force policies (Tasers) on Police Agencies (Use of Excessive and Deadly Force)

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Fall 11-18-2020


The research question explored in this analysis is whether or not the adoption of less than lethal weapons (tasers) have an impact on police departments use of excessive force and deadly force. A systematic review of research indicates the less than lethal weapon accomplishes this goal. However, the findings of the research indicate the need for more training and oversight to lower misuse of this less than lethal weapon and to increase accountability of police departments in regards to training and, if applicable misuse. Some research points to the fact that tasers increase dangerous situations, and could potentially cause harm to specific demographics such as mentally or medically ill suspects. While this could be the case for some situations, the taser decreases officer and suspect injury making it more useful than harmful. Overall the taser is a successfully tested less than lethal weapon used to decrease injury, excessive force, and deadly force scenarios.


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