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Fall 11-18-2020


For many women, menopause is a topic that is not discussed until they reach the age of 45 and begin to experience symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. Because of the taboo associated with menstrual cycles and female reproductive health, many women suffer in silence and are not aware of the various treatment options that are available to aid with the subsidence of their symptoms. These various treatment options range from medications such as hormone-replacement therapies, vitamin and mineral supplements, and changes in diet and exercise. For this presentation, the research that was conducted focused on hormonal therapies and lifestyle changes. Through the background research that was completed, it was hypothesized that hormonal therapies provided patients with improved outcomes compared to lifestyle changes. Hormonal therapies can be used to treat a range of symptoms and conditions for women who are considered to be in menopause. Due to the decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone that are produced by the body, women may experience a worsening of symptoms as they age. Under the category of hormonal therapies, there are several options such as estrogen supplements, herbal oils, CBD oil, vitamin and mineral supplements, and various other medications that can be prescribed to treat specific side effects of menopause. Some women prefer to not take medications or consume hormones and opt to alter their lifestyle in order to improve their symptoms. Small changes such as increasing exercise, altering diet to exclude saturated fats and processed foods, and getting enough sleep can cause some women to experience an improvement of their symptoms. Other changes that may be helpful include eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of consuming 3 larger meals. Through a literature review of many reputable sources, it was concluded that hormonal therapies when compared to lifestyle changes decrease the symptoms which women who are in menopause may experience.


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