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Fall 11-18-2020


This interactive storyboard is designed to help people understand how decisions can impact their health. There is a personal touch in this presentation because the individual will choose if the health of the main character prevails. Brain cancer is the main disease in the story. Brain cancer tumors are masses of abnormal cells that have grown out of control. In the United States, there are currently an estimated 488,600 Americans living with brain cancer. Around 61,430 Americans will be diagnosed with brain cancer in 2020. Brain cancer has several risk factors such as radiation exposure, family history of cancer, and a weakened immune system. Individuals with brain cancer may experience a headache, muscle weakness, dizziness, mental confusion, and blurred vision. Choose the right path in the story, and the main character's risk for brain cancer decreases, but choose the wrong path, and they might not make it.


HLTH 325



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