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Fall 11-18-2020


We chose to research the effect of wound care given using clean technique compared to sterile technique. According to the US Center for Disease Control, nearly 1.7 million patients suffer from hospital-acquired infections and more than 98,000 of these patients die every year (Haque, et al., 2018). Due to this frightening statistic, we wanted to further understand and discover if using a certain technique when caring for wounds plays a major role in preventing complications, such as infections. We chose our topic based on our learning experiences in clinical and the classroom setting. We then found credible sources from medical journals, textbooks, and published research studies. When conducting our research, we searched keywords such as wound care, clean technique, sterile technique, and infection to narrow down our search findings. We reviewed recent and relevant sources pertaining to our specific question of which technique is more preferred in the health care setting. We accounted for the risk of further infection or complications in wounds when healing. Additionally, we utilized two research studies that had been conducted in order to compare the use of clean and sterile technique in wound care and wound healing. Lastly, we researched which technique is more costly to perform. Our research concluded that there is no evidence to suggest one technique is more preferred over the other when specifically looking at which technique is better at preventing and fighting off infection. The research acknowledges the need to determine which technique to use on a patient by patient basis due to every patient being at a different risk for infection.


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