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Fall 11-15-2021


Habitat fragmentation happens when human interaction causes an organism's environment to emerge in discontinuities in their habitat. This leads to degradation and disrupts the ecosystem as a whole. This experiment will try to answer the question if habitat fragmentation is still prevalent on invertebrates at a further range. This will be achieved by setting two sites with pitfall traps on both sides on the fragmentation and then a third site will be added at the same distance from the first two sites. It is hypothesized that there will be a less abundance of invertebrates on sites A and B while site C will have a greater abundance of invertebrates. The conclusion that is hoped to achieve is that habitat fragmentation is not as prevalent to invertebrates if they are further from the fragmentation. Overall, the impact this experiment could have, if in a larger setting, is having scientists look beyond habitats near fragmentation if areas that are further away are still affected.


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