'How can your marriage effect your child?'

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Fall 11-18-2020


A child's development involves their physical and mental ability to grow. A child needs to have the right environment for them to grow. Some children grow up with both married parents, one parent, stepparents, or neither of their parents. In this research project I want to learn more about how family/divorced parents can affect a child's development. I think a child with divorced parents is most likely to not develop all the way or at the same pace as a child with both married parents because having two parents allows the child to get more and different attention than just having one parent in the house or no parent involved at all. I plan on researching articles, reading reviews, and collecting data to support my research for this topic. I am grateful to have grown up with both married parents and I am interested in interviewing a friend of mine who has experienced living with divorced and how it has affected her in a good and/or bad way. Family is a key component of the socialization of children and I am excited to learn more about how my future students and future coworkers grew up and how it affected and shaped them into the person they are today.


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