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Fall 11-18-2020


For this poster, I will be focusing on the topic of Teen Pregnancy and its Effects on a Teen Mother’s Socio-Emotional Development. There is a wealth of information on how teen pregnancy can affect the socio-emotional development of the child of a teen parent, however, there is significantly less research on the mother. This topic relates to human development by exploring the socio-emotional effects of teen pregnancy. Considering social-emotional development is an area of child development, I think if teen pregnancy does have a significant effect on that area, then teen pregnancy shapes what a child/teen could become. The teen pregnancy rate has been significantly dropping since 2014 and this is due to increased education on teen pregnancy and its effects on the body and the brain. This study is meant to showcase these effects in order to educate the public on teen pregnancy from the mother’s perspective. The “Background” section is meant to provide key foundational information in order to understand the other sections of this poster to the fullest. The “Method” section is meant to describe how this information was obtained.


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