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The History of the Confederate General Hospital Located at Farmville, VA 1862-65 was published by the Farmville Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) on April 7, 1916 by the Martin Printing Company in Farmville. The information found within the fifteen-page book was provided from an 1897 letter addressed to the UDC from James L. White, M. D., who was a surgeon stationed at the hospital during the American Civil War and a citizen of Farmville until his death in 1909. White gives an overview regarding his personal history during the war, others involved with the hospital and its structure, the days leading up to the surrender at Appomattox, Union occupation, the Confederate Cemetery, and the intentions by the UDC to commemorate Confederate soldiers.


Link to associated Honors paper completed by Maeve Losen in 2018.

Losen, Maeve, "Dr. James L. White -- "History of the Confederate General Hospital Located at Farmville, VA, 1862-1865"" (2018). Theses, Dissertations & Honors Papers. 507.

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