The Prince Edward County Militia was formally established shortly after Prince Edward County was formed in 1754. According to early county histories, the militia mustered once every three months, for drills and training, at the Prince Edward County Courthouse in Worsham. Members of the Prince Edward County militia served during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, and the Civil War. The militia was disbanded shortly after the end of Civil War.


These materials were collected by Sallie Bruce Dickinson, a Prince Edward County native and historian who researched and wrote extensively on the history of the county. It is unknown, when, or by what means, this collection was acquired by the Farmville-Prince Edward County Historical Society.

Scope and Content

This collection, which dates from 1777 to 1822, consists of (2) original documents pertaining to the Prince Edward County Militia in 1814, (1) original document related to the Prince Edward County Militia in 1822, and several pages of handwritten notes by Sallie Bruce Dickinson, regarding the Prince Edward County Militia and the Nottoway Militia from 1777 to 1822.


This collection consists of .95 linear feet contained in (1) archival flat box.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

The condition of the 1814 and 1822 muster rolls is fragile and damaged. Both items have separated creases. This condition prohibits their removal from the protective sleeves.

View the full finding aid here: Prince Edward County Militia Records, HS-032


Submissions from 1822


Prince Edward County Militia, 1822 Muster List, Capt. Henry E. Watkins

Submissions from 1814


Militia, Expenses at Bell Tavern, Richmond, VA, 1814, Wortham &. McGruden


Prince Edward County Militia, 1814 Muster List, Lt. Cdr. Henry E. Watkins