Dick Greene

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Bud Lily’s trout Shop in West Yellowstone, Montana. He is originally from Minneapolis but spent a lot of time fishing in the area on vacations or over long weekends. After working for a newspaper company for 24 years in Minneapolis he wanted a change. He and his wife decided to open a fly fishing business in Montana. Staring was difficult, but his business grew over the years. Just like his business, the town and the tourism have also grown over the years. Thanks to this, the business is in pretty good shape year-round. The only issues created by the growth of the area is that it is difficult for workers and others to find housing in the area. The town must look into buying land to keep up with the demand. Also, traffic has greatly increased especially during the summer months due to tourists. Despite this it is still a small beautiful area and Mr. Greene hopes that 100 years from now we still have the same resources.

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